EditShare Universal Projects

I’ve sold a lot of EditShare systems over the years, maybe even the first in the US.

Customers are often intrigued by the Flow Asset Management solution that comes with every EFS200 and 300. The biggest complaint has always been that the editors are used to making their creative decisions – building bins, logging clips, etc…inside their edit tool of choice

With Universal Projects, EditShare has put that complaint to rest.  Not only can you sync Flow with your Media Composer or Premiere project, (wait for it) but you can also move them between different editing software – as well as providing simple web-based interface to the clips and metadata for others in the production workflow.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read someone on a web forum challenged by moving between platforms.

The clip above shows how the Media Composer side works.  This other video shows the even tighter integration with the latest Adobe Panel. Oh, and Resolve too.

Stephen Tallamy, EditShare CTO has a nice overview here.

The original Universal Projects links are already available; the complete system including Media Composer integration is currently in advanced beta trials with a number of organizations from boutique post houses to major broadcasters.

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