KGW-TV Promo Editing

Here are some of my favorite spots from my time as writer/producer and Avid Guy for KGW-TV in Portland.

End of the Century
This is the video that KGW-TV in Portland used to ring in the year 2000 on air and to a crowd of 40,000 at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

News Series Promos for KGW-TV
These are some great news promos I made with KGW Art Director Jeff Patterson.  Were the stories as good as the promos?  That’s where I came up with the word “antici-pointment.”

News Image for KGW-TV
Includes a spot from the great “We Are” Campaign plus some really cool proof of performance spots with no announcer.

KGW-TV Weather Promos
See the epic two minute “Doppler 8000” and learn why drag racers need their weathermen.

KGW-TV Sports Promos
Includes a football promo with a bowling flair and a classic Blazer lineup promo.  Do you remember these names?

Colin Cowherd – before ESPN (and Fox)
Before he went on to host his own national radio show cable sports shows, he was a man outstanding in his field…