Facilis Terrablock servers – now Fiber + 10GB Ethernet capable


The Facilis Shared File System improves with each release, and it is now deployed in several hundred facilities worldwide, including many of Portland’s finest post and corporate users.

With version 4.5.4, upgraded hardware and 64bit operating system, the new family of TerraBlock servers are bigger, better, faster and stronger. We now support true 3D workflow (2 x 2K 24fps streams in Single-user Write mode). In fact, up to full 4K bandwidth can be achieved on a single chassis.

All this and a virtual volume workflow, with dynamic sharing methods for Single-user Write and cross-platform Multi-user Write access over fibre and Ethernet.

New Version 4.5.4

Facilis Technology announces the availability of our newest TerraBlock release, version 4.5.4.

Version 4.5.4 addresses several issues reported in the Mac OSX Shared File System, introduced in TerraBlock 4.5. It is recommended that all facilities using the Facilis Shared File System with OSX clients upgrade to 4.5.4.

10Gbit now Available!

With the change to 64Bit OS, TerraBlock servers now support 10Gbit Ethernet directly from the server.

Using our qualified 10Gbit card and switch, up to 18 streams of DNx HD 220 can be played concurrently from a single 24D over Ethernet. This equals the aggregate throughput of Shared FS over fibre channel!

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