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For over 15 years, Dave Spraker has been an evangelist for shared storage in the Pacific Northwest.  From his experience as a promo editor for Portland NBC affiliate KGW-TV, he saw the need to bring editors and their content together across a facility.

Every Friday editors would be lined up outside one edit bay waiting their turn while another sat vacant.  I knew there had to be a better way.

Spraker’s converts to shared storage for editing include not only post houses and broadcasters, but also corporate video departments, advertising agencies, production companies, local governments plus pro and college sports teams.


Now as EditShare’s Sales Director for the Northwest U.S. and British Columbia, Canada  he is poised to reach even more customers across the  US and Canada.

“I am excited to partner with EditShare” Spraker says, “because they have solutions for all kinds of customers in all different price ranges.  And now with an open approach to working with existing third party storage, every facility can edit together.”

Known for its advanced project sharing capabilities for Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Lightworks and other industry-standard non-linear editors, all EditShare collaborative storage systems also feature comprehensive Flow media asset management as well as Ark backup and archiving capabilities. The flagship EditShare Flow application seamlessly integrates with EditShare shared storage, enhancing the workflow to include file ingest, scanning, logging, cataloging, automation, web-based access to clips, searching and much more. EditShare Ark provides near-line and offline backup and archiving to spinning disks and/or LTO tapes. With Flow at the front end of Ark, users can easily set backup and archive rules, search near-line and deep archives, and view proxy files before restoring full-resolution media to EditShare Media Spaces.

EditShare is now also offering Flow as a standalone media asset manager and QScan automated quality control.

This is a massive development in shared storage workflow management and will set the bar for what to expect in shared storage workflows. We have always come up with something innovative for NAB, but this is the biggest technology introduction we have shown to date.

Andy Liebman, Founder and CEO, EditShare


Learn more on the EditShare website, or contact Dave for a consultation or on-line demo.